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Stay At Home!

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Over the last few years, I've learned a lot about how to help my elderly mother (age 93) stay living independently in her own home. The goal of this site is to document those solutions, with the hope of making it easier for others to keep their loved ones safely at home.

To start, my mom does not have dementia and does not need actual nursing care. If either of those situations existed, she probably would need different solutions. 

Her main situation is that she has had a couple strokes, which damaged her left leg. She is strong, and can walk -- but only slowly, with difficulty, and with a walker. She is also fairly deaf.

We have figured out many modifications and devices in her home that assist with those problems. Luckily her home is flat, although there is one small (4" step) at each external door.

In the USA, it's very common to think that elderly or infirm people need to go into "assisted living" or a "nursing home". But, those places are very expensive ($60-$80K is common, often with a much larger down payment) and not the most pleasant environments. Who wouldn't want to stay in their own home, if they can safely do so? Read on -- in many cases you can do it!